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The International Hemp Exchange is the leading resource for wholesale and industrial hemp. iHEMPx serves every level of the hemp supply chain, from seed distribution to hemp crop futures and connecting everything in between. Please utilize the information below for all press and media inquiries.

Company Information:

What is The International Hemp Exchange (iHEMPx)?

iHEMPx was founded by Mike Leago after identifying a gap in the marketplace for connecting farmers, growers, and suppliers within the supply chain. Originally founded as a retail operation, the business quickly grew to meet wholesale demand and now serves as the hemp industry supply chain leader. To learn more, read our blog post: iHEMPX: Your Seed-To-Market Supply Chain Partner.

What services does iHEMPx offer?

From farmers looking to break into the hemp farming market, to existing farms looking for a powerful supply chain partner, iHEMPx is here to be a resource.

Services include: Hemp seed sales, Hemp start sales, hemp flower sales, contract hemp farming, hemp processing, consulting, global trade.

Media Contact:

Please email or call with all press, media, and other inquiries.

Trish Thomas:

CEO & Founder: Mike Leago

Mike Leago in a Greenhouse at iHEMPx

Becoming A Supply Chain Leader

Mike Leago founded The International Hemp Exchange in 2016 after discovering a need for connectivity throughout the hemp supply chain. Originally formed to connect retailers with consumers, wholesale demand quickly rose and iHEMPx has grown to become the industry supply chain leader both domestically and internationally.

Partnerships and the Future of iHEMPx

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp supply chain needs have risen and iHEMPx is investing in the infrastructure, partnerships, and technology to meet demand. iHEMPx will continue to expand and be a resource for farmers, processors, and supply chain partners in the hemp industry.

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