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iHEMPx is your seed-to-market hemp partner and
our team is ready to address your supply chain needs.


iHEMPx is a trusted, vetted, reliable supply chain partner offering “seed to market” assistance to the booming hemp farming market. We only work with high-performing, reliable partners with proven track records of excellence. 

Whether you’re new to hemp farming or you’re a seasoned operation looking for supply chain support, we can help you get connected with the services you need.

Click on the links below to explore the ways iHEMPx can help you maximize your profits this growing season.

Contract Hemp Farming

From general consulting to hands-on help in the field, iHEMPx serves as your contract hemp farming partner. Click to learn more about our full range of contract hemp farming services.

Hemp CBD Extraction

iHEMPx has hemp CBD extraction partners in place to ensure your product can be taken to market. Learn more about the process, who we work with, and how to become an extraction partner today.

Hemp Crop Futures

The iHEMPx network of hemp farmers is growing rapidly and we are always seeking to establish partnerships with brands, extraction facilities, and other reliable buyers of biomass. Connect with us today to find your next partners in hemp futures..


More questions? Check our our FAQ section to learn a bit more about iHEMPx and the ever growing hemp industry.