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High CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds

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High CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds

We distribute only High Grade Hemp Seed because their high CBD hemp seeds have proven to be reliable and robust. High Grade Hemp Seed provides a product that is engineered to be compliant with the nationwide THC levels of .3% or lower with no crops destroyed. The proven track record of these hemp seeds, along with demonstrated high CBD content, provides the necessary tools for a healthy and successful hemp crop.

With feminization and germination rates over 93%, our high CBD feminized hemp seeds represent the best genetics on the market. If you’re ready to turn these hemp seeds into highly profitable hemp crops, High Grade genetics will give you the confidence to make the switch.

Best Feminized Hemp Seeds from HGH and iHEMPx
Hemp Seeds from HGH and iHEMPx

60¢ Seeds Available!

For a limited time, we are offering High Grade Hemp Seed for only 60¢ each!  Varities include Berry Blossom and Merlot with a minimum quantity of 50k seeds required.  To learn more about this special offer that runs through the end of 2019, or any of our seed varities, give us a call or fill out the contact form below.  

Grain and Fiber Seeds

To meet the full spectrum of needs of hemp farmers and manufacturers, we also sell seeds optimized for high-quality grain and fiber yields. Strong fibers and healthy grains are an integral part of the many uses for hemp in the industry, and we are ready to help. Contact us for more info on our Grain and Fiber seeds.

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