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About iHEMPx



Humble Beginnings

The International Hemp Exchange was founded in 2016 in Longmont, Colorado after founder and CEO Mike Leago discovered a need for connectivity throughout the hemp supply chain. Originally tasked with connecting retailers to consumers, wholesale demand for hemp and CBD quickly escalated and iHEMPx rose to meet the prevailing needs of the industry. iHEMPx has since grown to become the hemp industry supply chain leader both domestically and internationally.

Track Record

Since it’s inception, Mike Leago has worked diligently to support the hemp supply chain ethically and comprehensively. If there is a challenge he and his team have yet to face, they find a solution for the success of their clients and the hemp industry as a whole. With physical operations and partnerships across states as diverse as Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Kentucky, and North Carolina, The International Hemp Exchange is growing across the United States and worldwide, and is the established hemp industry leader.

Mike Leago in a Greenhouse at iHEMPx

We are here to do good business and be good stewards to the hemp industry and the hemp supply chain. Our reputation shows that we go about this with the right ethos and we’re in it for the right reasons. While it is a profitable industry, it is also one that is very rewarding to communities and the planet.

-Mike Leago, Founder of The International Hemp Exchange (iHEMPx)

iHEMPx Plant Consulting


From the beginning, The International Hemp Exchange has been in the business of connecting people and companies dedicated to the ethical production of hemp and CBD. We have an exclusive partnership with High Grade Hemp Seed, who supplies the hemp genetics for all of our feminized high CBD seeds and starts. We are always looking to expand our hemp network, so please contact us if you are interested in partnering with iHEMPx.

The Future of iHEMPx

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, consumer demand for CBD products and hemp supply chain needs have risen, and iHEMPx is investing in the infrastructure, partnerships, and technology to meet that demand.  The International Hemp Exchange will continue to expand and be a resource for farmers, processors, and supply chain partners in the hemp industry.