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Hemp CBG: What You Need To Know

FAQ about Feminized Hemp Seeds

We know you’ve already heard of CBD (cannabidiol) but there’s another compound derived from the cannabis plant that should be on your radar. 

CBG (cannabigerol) has caught the attention of major players in the scientific community, including the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health. In 2018, the NCCIH announced it was kicking off a major research initiative to look into the possible pain-relieving benefits of CBG.

So what is CBG, how is it different from CBD, and what should you know about this important cannabinoid?

Let’s dig into the details.

What Is the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

CBG isn’t found in large quantities in the cannabis plant, which makes it difficult to study, and there hasn’t been a lot of research about its efficacy. But it’s still important to understand how it fits into the larger cannabis picture.

Cannabigerol is commonly known as the precursor of all cannabinoids (including CBC, THC, and CBD), because all cannabis compounds actually start out as CBG. When cannabidiolic acid (CBGA), the inactive form of CBG, gets broken down, it becomes the molecule from which other cannabinoid compounds are created. 

Like CBD, cannabigerol is non-psychotropic, and is legal and safe to consume. 

However, CBG is present in very small quantities in the cannabis plant, which makes it harder and more expensive to produce. 

“It takes thousands of pounds of biomass to create small amounts of CBG isolate,” says James Rowland, CEO of Steve’s Goods, a Colorado company that produces CBG products. “Most hemp only contains minute percentages of CBG. If the CBG content of the same crop is only 1%, that means you need to extract 20 times the amount of biomass to get the same amount of CBG out.”

Our CBG Varietal

CBG will be entering the consumer market in 2020, making CBG-rich hemp varietals a great choice for farmers.

We recommend our boutique CBG varietal, Matterhorn, for its extractable and smokeable biomass. This varietal is known for its uniform shape plant vigor and yield, as well as its distinct and captivating scent. 

We suggest around 3,000 plants per acre (this is a very rough estimate). Matterhorn CBG seed from iHEMPx can be purchased for as little as $1.00 per seed (if purchasing 100,000 or more) and starts are only $1.99 with a minimum order of 10,000.

This cultivator shows Total THC compliance, even in trimmed smokable material – a serious advantage to farmers, now that the Farm Bill passed. 

About iHEMPx

iHEMPx serves the hemp industry as a trusted, vetted, and reliable supply chain partner, from seed to finished product. We exclusively produce and distribute HGH seeds, the most genetically superior seeds available, and provide support and education to help farmers turn those seeds into profitable crops.

For more information on IHE, or to inquire about the availability of Colorado seeds, starts, clones, and smokable flower call #877-FARM-HEMP (327-6436) or click here to contact our sales team.


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