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Who We Are

Founded in 2016 in Colorado, the International Hemp Exchange serves the hemp industry and allows consumers and businesses to connect. As the industry’s first online marketplace, we have been supporting hemp farmers longer than anyone, and we have a stellar track record of providing top notch, localized sales and service. We produce and distribute HGH seeds, the most genetically superior seeds available, and provide the support and education our clients need to turn those seeds into highly profitable crops.

Our Product

We distribute only HGH hemp seeds because HGH seeds have proven themselves to be reliable, compliant and robust. With a feminization rate of 99.9% and a germination rate over 93%, our seeds represent the best genetics in the market. If you’re ready to turn these seeds into highly profitable crops, HGH seeds will give you the confidence to make the switch. Simply fill out the form below or call to learn more.

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