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Mahalo Wellness Announces Exclusive Partnership with International Hemp Exchange

Mahalo CBD

As the CBD market booms, Mahalo Wellness will make IHE its exclusive supplier for the highest quality hemp and CBD products.

Boulder, Colo., May 7, 2019 Mahalo Wellness, a supplier of high quality CBD products to chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners, is proud to announce International Hemp Exchange (IHE) as its sole supplier of CBD for their consumer product line.

With the steep rise in popularity of CBD as a medicinal supplement, Mahalo Wellness provides premium CBD products for chiropractors, therapists, and other health and wellness practitioners. Mahalo Wellness discovered an underserved niche, and the company’s goal is not only to offer proven, high-end products, but also empower practitioners to inform, sell, and build community.

Beginning with Dr. Gabe Ellis in the greater Chicago area, Mahalo Wellness supplies CBD tinctures, capsules, and salve to practitioners across the country. Focused on expanding consumer knowledge, Mahalo Wellness advocates for medical professionals as a channel through which consumers can be educated on the effective use of CBD products as well as assured of ingredient purity and efficacy.

Brian Ross, CEO of Mahalo Wellness, shared that “the ability to provide guidance and instruction in tandem with the highest quality product is a winning combination.”

Currently, the influx in demand for CBD is creating exponential growth in suppliers with minimal accountability. Transparency is key to the longevity of manufacturers in the market.  Mahalo Wellness is committed to accountability by offering complete clarity on where and how its CBD is produced.

“Leveraging International Hemp Exchange as our exclusive supply chain partner is a huge step forward in our ability to guarantee sourcing, quality, and performance. Mike Leago (President of IHE) is one of the foremost experts in the CBD world, and we have complete confidence in his ability to deliver the best product on the market today.” said Ross.

Based in Colorado, IHE has been a leader in the hemp industry since 2016, functioning as a source for best-in-class genetics, supply chain partnerships, and an online platform for the buying and selling of hemp. IHE deals exclusively with HGH Seed, brokering farm proven strains that are poised to become the standard for yield, vigor and quality. By provisioning hemp production from seed to harvest to processing, IHE will enable Mahalo Wellness to achieve continuity with their CBD products.

Throughout sourcing, manufacturing and production, Mahalo’s partnership with IHE will enhance the brand’s ability to scale rapidly and elevate wellness through its network of nationwide ambassadors.

About Mahalo Wellness

Brian Ross, CEO of Mahalo Wellness, is passionate about proper education surrounding CBD in order to enhance its purpose and efficacy. Utilizing chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners as points of sale, consumer knowledge became a catalyst for the production and distribution of Mahalo Wellness’ CBD products.

Mahalo Wellness CBD products can be found through your local chiropractor or wellness practitioner, or purchased online at

Brian Ross

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