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iHEMPx: Your Seed-To-Market Supply Chain Partner

iHEMPX was founded by Mike Leago after identifying a gap in the marketplace for connecting farmers, growers, and suppliers within the supply chain. Originally founded as a retail operation, the business quickly grew to meet wholesale demand and now serves as the hemp industry supply chain leader.


Mike Leago, Founder of The International Hemp Exchange

Where does iHEMPx offer services?

iHEMPx operates on a global scale, however the recent 2018 Farm Bill has opened up the United States markets to hemp farming and CBD product sales. iHEMPx has strong ties and partnerships in early adoption states such as Oregon, Colorado, California, Nevada, Kentucky, and North Carolina. These states have seen high profitability and iHEMPx offers “seed to market” assistance in these markets. With plans to expand these offerings nationwide, iHEMPx is the number one resource for the booming hemp market.

What services does iHEMPx offer?

iHEMPx services the industry by being a trusted, vetted, and reliable supply chain partner from seed to finished product. From farmers looking to break into the hemp farming market, to existing farms looking for a powerful supply chain partner, iHEMPx is here to be a resource. iHEMPx only works with high performing and reliable partners with proven track records of excellence. Clients can be confident that their products and consulting needs are handled properly across the supply chain.

What Makes iHEMPx the best partner?

iHEMPx’s reputation relies on a track record of proven excellence and dependability across the supply chain. In Mike Leago’s , CEO of iHEMPx, own words:

“You would be hard pressed to find somebody who has had a bad experience with us anywhere in the supply-chain and that is what pride ourselves on. We are here to do good business and be good stewards to the hemp industry and the hemp supply chain and it shows. Our reputation shows that we go about this with the right ethos, are in it for the right reasons, and while it is a profitable industry, it is also one that is very rewarding to communities, the planet, and humans and animals all over the world will benefit from hemp being reintroduced into society.” – Mike Leago

How Can I Get Started With iHEMPx?

The first step is to contact the iHEMPx team directly to discuss your supply chain needs. With partners and consulting services for every step of your hemp journey, know that you are partnering with the best.

Get Started With iHEMPx Today

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