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iHEMPx Partner, High Grade Hemp Seed, to Have Presence at Southern Hemp Expo

Our exclusive genetics supplier, High-Grade Hemp Seed, is gearing up for their first appearance at the Southern Hemp Expo (SHE). The leading hemp event of the south, SHE 2019 will be held in Franklin, Tennessee on Sept. 6-7.

Research shows that the 2020 growing season will see nearly 500,000 acres of farmland invested in hemp cultivation, and a shortage of strong genetics to back up the exponential increase. The hemp industry as a whole is ablaze nationwide but is facing a shortage of reliable, compliant genetics to support mass seed manufacturing. High Grade Hemp Seed supplies genetics that are farm-tested, time-approved, and have never had a crop destroyed due to compliance issues with the national THC level regulations. That’s where High Grade Hemp Seed comes in. 

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The company plans to produce millions of seeds and starts of three of their most popular strains, and expects to sell 300-500 million seeds and 100 million starts to support the 2020 growing season. The strains that will be available are Cherry Wine, Berry Blossom, and Merlot at an unprecedented $.99 a start. Feminized seed starts outshine hemp clones, and provide a reliable and consistent crop due to the presence of the taproot that allows High Grade Hemp Seed’s starts to flourish quickly. Seed starts also make it easier for farmers to plan, allowing them to maximize crop time and have a reliable growing season.

With a vast network of nurseries nationwide, High Grade Hemp Seed is able to coordinate logistics of distribution and maximize supply to meet the demands of growers across the United States. 

Founder and CEO of High Grade Hemp Seed, Bodhi Urban, said “We are dedicated to the success of our customers, and we are putting pricing muscle behind that dedication by making starts available for less than one dollar for the first time in our company’s history.” Urban added, “This is the lowest pricing available in the industry to the best of our knowledge, and we hope it helps farmers take advantage of starts.  Now is the time to call and reserve as we anticipate selling out well in advance of spring shipping.”

Visit the High Grade Hemp Seed booth at SHE this year to find out more about what they have to offer and where the company is going. We are excited about their success and our continued partnership. 

Also, join High Grade Hemp Seed as they sponsor the After Party, starting at 8 pm on Saturday, Sept. 7th, the closing night of SHE. The company wants to support and celebrate the thriving hemp industry and all of the thoughtful dedication going into its sustainable expansion. 


“High Grade Hemp Seed Announces .99 Starts”, by Trish Thomas at TEEM Marketing.

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