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Smokable Hemp Flower & Biomass


Boutique Hemp Flower

iHEMPx has been a key player in the industry from it’s impetus, and our partner, High Grade Hemp Seed, was a pioneer in boutique smokable hemp flower. Our genetics have been sought out globally for smokable hemp consumption. We now have the best supply of outdoor and year-round greenhouse-produced smokable high CBD hemp flower in the world. Whether you’re a consumer or a wholesale brand seeking multiple tons of smokable flower, iHEMPx is your stable year-round top-tier supplier.

Hemp Biomass

Our farm networks produce a huge volume of biomass and iHEMPx has long-term relationships with farmers and buyers on both sides of biomass consumption. We pride ourselves on working with the best farm partners across the country who are producing high CBD premium hemp crops. If you need to source superior biomass, we have solutions that are unrivaled in quality and price.

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