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Contract Hemp Farming


iHEMPx is proud to offer a full range of services to our hemp farming partners. Whether you need hands-on help in the field, hemp seeds, hemp starts, or CBD processing advice, we are here to offer guidance, connections, and support.  iHEMPx is the industry leader in contract hemp farming. 

Services Include:

  • Feminized High CBD Hemp Seeds

  • Feminized High CBD Hemp Starts

  • Hemp Clones for Boutique Applications

  • CBD Extract Sales

  • Field Conversion

  • Harvesting

  • Baling

  • Drying

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Partnerships

We realize we can’t be there for everyone or always provide a ready solution, but our connections and knowledge are extensive and we are always available to share information, make introductions, and solve problems for our hemp farming partners.

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